WRG Huangshan holds a Fire Drill

//WRG Huangshan holds a Fire Drill

WRG Huangshan holds a Fire Drill

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WRG Huangshan held an “Emergency Fire Escape Drill” on the afternoon of 29th September 2019. The drill aims at teaching staff what to do and how to behave in an emergency, including basic knowledge about fire, escape skills, extinguishing fire and evacuation plans.

The extinguishing team, evacuation team, medical team and camera team were ready at 3:45pm. When the alarm rang at 3:55pm, employees in the Office Building, Building 1 and Building 2 quickly ran down the fire stairs to the open space of the factory. The evacuation was fast and orderly.

Fire squadron rescues trapped people.

As drill commander, General Manager Feng Xuqiang reported that it took 3 minutes and 14 seconds from alarm ringtone to complete evacuation to the designated place with 316 people participants and 5 leave. The target was achieved.

The fire drill got great support from Security Committee Office, Science, Technology, Commerce, Economy and Information Bureau, Development Zone Administration Committee, Fire Brigade from the county. Trained by the fire brigade, the emergency personnel practiced the necessary emergency plans, improved their precaution awareness and self-rescue skills and accumulated experience. Captain Zhu and his team participated the drill. Captain Zhu explained how to evacuation and how to use extinguisher. Staff from different department or key positions have practiced the operation.

They also practiced how to use Fire Hydrant.

The planning, contents and requirements of this fire drill is all around and all staff participated the activity. Via the drill, the staff have improved their precaution awareness and self-rescue skills, they have known how to identify dangers and evacuation routes. We will have fire drills regularly to improve our emergency escape abilities and thus to ensure our safety and security.