Stay alert, Work safe

//Stay alert, Work safe

Stay alert, Work safe

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The coronavirus outbreak since the end of last year has deterred our production plans of 2020. WRG had to delay the date of returning to work, which was originally planned to move up to Jan. 27 due to large quantity of orders. WRG concerned the unprecedented infectious disease very much. At the end of January, WRG president, Mr. Shi Songli, held a video conference to analyze the situation and arrange the production. He discussed the outbreak in the places where WRG staff live and rearranged the business accordingly.

On Jan. 30, WRG set up a special WeChat group, consisting of company board members and heads of departments. With the tool, we collected all necessary information about staff on duty, and worked out the planning for resumption. We managed to purchase enough face masks, thermometer guns and sanitizers.

Understanding the virus incubation is 14 days, WRG arranged the resuming preparation under the guidance of local authorities. Staff must return to Yi County 7 days earlier and be under 7-day quarantine in the hotel designated by the government. The company has made pandemic and emergency planning, including “sterilize twice every day”, and ”use 70% alcohol-based sanitizer for staff back to the office”. We distributed the pandemic knowledge via Dingtalk platform, and used “daily health check-in” to get to know our staff health status and locations. Contagion App is used to make 14-day backward tracks on the people who visit the company to make sure they have not come from the affected areas. After quarantine, staff will take CT exams before going to work. Mr. Shi Songli said “We must understand this is really serious. All of us should do our best. Don’t do something harmful to our County. Everyone is encourage to make proposals. This is our company, our business. Let’s work together to go through this hard time! ”

With the support of the government, Huangshan WRG and Sibeiqiao Robot, the two large scale manufacturers in the County resumed on Feb. 11. Except for staff still staying Hubei, 95% other employees have been backed to work. Each employee needs to take a temperature measurement upon his arrival at work. They are provided two face masks every day and required to have meals sitting alone and facing the same direction. These measures make the company become a contagion prevention role model in Huangshan City, and many other companies follow us. Huanshan Daiyameng in WRG Park has also resumed work.

WRG (Shenzhen) has also taken steps to fight the contagion. Following the instructions of Shenzhen Novel Coronavirus Control Center, our employees made self-report via tracker Apps, and reported their travelling information in the Public Security System. Those returned staff must conduct a 7-days self-quarantine at home before going to work. In Feb. 17, WRG (Shenzhen) became one of the first 400 companies which resumed their production in Shajin Zone.

We gratefully received the donation of masks from Hefei Wangrong Electronics and our supplier, Huangshan Shunyuan.

On Feb. 21, Yi TV News interviewed the company.

On Feb. 24, Mr. Heyi, the mayor of Huangshan city paid visit to WRG and highly praised what we have done during this hard time. He appealed the other enterprises to learn from us.

In the spring of 2020, we stand up and help each other to combat the disease. We know that spring is coming and we will win. WRG people have faith and will always keep our commitment to our society.