Project Description


• 1C * 2 (2 independent circuits)
• Super miniature PCB, twin type
• Compact and high-capacity 25 A load switching
• 2 single, independent relays in 1 case

Available in 2020

Coil data
Rated voltage12 V
Rated current2: 109 mA, 3: 75 mA, 4: 54.5 mA
Operating power2: 1309 mW, 3: 900 mW, 4: 655 mW
Response voltage2: 5.5 V DC, 3: 6.5 V DC, 4: 7.7 V DC
Drop out voltage2: 0.6 V DC, 3: 0.8 V DC, 4: 0.8 V DC
Coil resistance2: 110 Ω ±10%, 3: 160 Ω ±10%, 4: 220 Ω ±10%
Usable voltage range10 ~ 16 V DC
Operating timeMax. 10 ms
Release timeMax. 10 ms
Contact data
Contact configuration1C × 2 (2 independent circuits)
Contact materialAg alloy
Nominal switching capacityN.O.: 20 A 14 V DC, N.C.: 10 A 14 V DC
Max. carrying current ※125 A for 2 min (12 V DC, 20 ℃)
Min. load ※21 A 14 V DC (20 ℃)
Rated contact voltage14 V DC
Contact resistanceN.O.: Typ. 4 mΩ, N.C.: Typ. 5 mΩ (DC 6 V 1 A)
Mechanical lifeMin. 1,000,000 ops. (at 120 cpm)
Electrical life ※3Resistive load: Min. 100,000 ops. (at nominal switching capacity, operating frequency: 1s ON, 9s OFF)
Motor load: Min. 100,000 ops. (25 A 14 V DC at motor lock condition, operating frequency: 0.5s ON, 9.5s OFF)
General data
Rated withstand voltage (Between contacts)500 Vrms for 1 min (Detection current: 10 mA)
Rated withstand voltage (Coil / Contact)500 Vrms for 1 min (Detection current: 10 mA)
Insulation resistanceMin. 100 MΩ (500 V DC, Measurement at same location as “Rated withstand voltage” section)
VibrationFunctional test: 10 ~ 100 Hz, Min. 44.1 m/s2 {4.5G} (Detection time: 10 µs)
Destructive test: 10 ~ 500 Hz, Min. 44.1 m/s2 {4.5G} (Detection time: X, Y direction 2 hours, Z direction 4 hours)
ShockFunctional test: Min. 100 m/s2 {10G} (Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 11 ms, detection time: 10 µs)
Destructive test: Min. 1,000 m/s2 {100G} (Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 6 ms)
Ambient temperature (Operation) ※4Standard type: -40~85 ℃,
High heat-resistant / Pin in Paste type: -40~110 ℃
Operating humidityStandard type: 5~85%,
High heat-resistant / Pin in Paste type: 2~85%
Dimension L×W×H (mm)13.6×12.1×14.0
Weight (g)6.5
※1 Depends on connection conditions. Also, this does not guarantee repeated switching. We recommend that you confirm operation under actual conditions.
※2 This value can change due to the switching frequency, environmental conditions, and desired reliability level, therefore it is recommended to check this with the actual load.
※3 Do not use for lamp loads, electric discharge lamp loads, any other lamp loads and capacitor loads. Please contact us for details.
※4 The upper operation ambient temperature limit is the maximum temperature that can satisfy the coil temperature rise value.
※5 If the relay is used continuously for long periods of time with coils on both sides in an energized condition, breakdown might occur due to abnormal heating depending on the carrying condition. Therefore, please inquire when using with a circuit that causes an energized condition on both sides simultaneously.
Model designationContact arrangementContact specificationHeat resistanceCoil resistance
RAT2C: 1C×2 (8pin)Blank: Standard typeBlank: Standard type2: 110Ω
Z: 1C×2 (10pin)H: High heat-resistant type3: 160Ω
R: Pin in Paste type4: 220Ω